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The much-awaited feature of full-fledged inline editing in grids is now an OOB feature in Dynamics 365. As a company, which has been working in MSCRM for a decade and knowing requirements of various clients of ours-we were delighted to see this in action.

Straight to the point, how to make the views/grids editable?

To add editable grids for an entity, navigate to Settings -> Customizations -> Customize the System.
Select the respective entity. We will go with the most common entity Account. In the entity definition, under the Controls tab, click on ‘Add Control’

Choose ‘Editable Grid’ and click on ‘Add’. The required properties for the editable grid have to be set.
*If the editable grid should be for Web, set it so.


Add Lookup’ –what it does?  This is to give the user ability to edit the lookup fields available in the view—and this is (individual) view specific.
When you click on ‘Add Lookup’ you are prompted to choose a view and then the required lookup field in that view.
We will choose the Active Account view and select ‘Primary Contact’ field.
Save the entity and publish.

Now time to see the inline editing of the grid. Navigate to Account views. In the ribbon click on the ‘Show As’ and choose ‘Editable Grid’

Click on any of the row and edit the content. Do not forget to save (Save will be on the right end top of the grid beside the Refresh button)

**Also notice the business rules set up or validations setup for individual fields apply to the editable grids

We added lookups for Active Accounts view when defining the Editable grid, so Primary Contact can be changed from the grid itself.

Along with the views, sub grids too are allowed for this ‘Editable Grid’ control.

Thanks Microsoft for including this feature in there.